Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Free Printable. Christmas Gift Tags

Holidays are here! You may be planning your dinner, parties, home decoration, etc. And one of the main things may be gift giving, but this year it doesn’t have to be something expensive. What is important is to tell your loved ones that you are always there for them and prepare something special, something hand-made, a poem, a drawing or a letter.

Either you choose to make a sweater or to buy that awesome iPhone 5, don’t forget a gift tag! This is my gift for you. Please download the English or the Spanish version of the mini cards sheet. You only need to print the file in a thick paper, cut it, place it on your gift wrap, and that’s it!

And if you want to get matching Holiday cards, please go to my store where you will find a variety of nice cards in English and Spanish. You can get a few or buy them in bulk.

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Happy Pre-Holiday season!


National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day! One of the celebrations that excites me more : ) not only because I have 2 lovely furry angels (and one that is now in dog’s heaven) but because dogs deserve to have a Big Celebration.

Camila and Winnie

Camila and Winnie

It is not only their beauty or the blast we have playing with them, it is about all the Love they give us unconditionally, the special connection we have that can’t be explained with words. It is about having an angel at home who brightens your day every day or seeing someone else dog at the park giving you that look that makes you feel like hugging the 4 legged smiley friend.

But this day is also about the dogs that are not fortunate to have a family or that are abused and neglected. To make everything in our hands to stop other people to be cruel and to help doggies in need. Every little help is huge, anything we can do and the sum of small of big efforts, will make a difference.

Here are some ideas of things you can do to help:

• Organize a Dog Party and ask your friends, family and neighbors to bring their pets for treats and fun as well as food for donation to animal shelters.

• Choose one (or more) organization, national or local and donate whatever you can (one month worth of savings from coffee or snacks, the earnings of a garage or ebay sale) or if you are fortunate to have a good job, something more : )

• Share all the posts that you can about helping animals on Facebook or Twitter, social media is really powerful!

• If you are ready to commit to a long term-forever love relationship, adopt a dog! I know some friends that adopted and now their lives changed in so many and positive ways.

Post a comment and share some ideas on how we can help doggies (and other animals) in need.

These pictures are from my angels, Camila is 16 years old and Winnie 11. Samantha got her wings to fly when she was 12 but she will be always here.







I found these 2011 video from Thomas University about National Dog Day. Enjoy it!

Do you have dogs? What are their names? Leave a comment and tell a story about them
: ) Happy National Dog Day to your Friends!

National Ice Cream Month!

Ice Cream
It was in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream month and the third Sunday as National Ice Cream Day. I am sure that you honor this celebration all year long!
Summer is here and having an Ice Cream party is a great idea. Organize your family and friends to bring a flavor, fruit, toppings, etc. and make a contest for the most beautiful, creative or tasty combination.

Ice Cream Flavors

I have so many memories of my dad taking us to the “plaza” in Coyoacan, Mexico City to have Ice Cream after our softball game. His favorite flavor was Vanilla and mine Strawberry. Every time that I have Ice Cream I think about him.

I found these delicious recipes that you can do on the weekend: Amaretti Ice Cream Dessert from Rachel Ray,  or try one of these 20 recipes from Southern Living Magazine. Make it or buy it, but enjoy it! : )

Celebrating Mom (every day!)

Happy Mother's Day!

This short post is only to wish All the Best to the Wonderful moms around the world (and for the moms who are in heaven but will remain forever with us). I celebrated my mom twice! Since mother’s day is on May 10th in México, we celebrated “Dia de las Madres” and “Mother’s Day”.

Mom and I


Happy 5 de Mayo!

It’s time for music, food, drinks, family and friends! 5 de Mayo is a traditional celebration, but what is the history behind this date? It is an important day for México. Click at this link from the History Channel to learn more about it.

Mexican embassies around the world have special events and Puebla, the city where everything started is having a big celebration. You can follow more about this at the official website And if one day you have the opportunity to travel to México, please, go to Puebla, it is a magic place full of history, traditions and exquisite food!

World Circus Day

Today is World Circus Day! If there is an old tradition that will last for many years, that is the circus. Some people like it, some others don’t. I personally don’t like the use of animals and for that reason, Cirque du Soleil is my Favorite. It is an amazing show. There is something mysterious that fascinates me about the atmosphere and the life of the people behind it.

World Circus Day

If you want to know more about the circus, I found a website with great information about the history of it. You can find it at this link.

This is a great video to start the weekend. Enjoy!

Checking in : )

Did you have in your life a plan A, everything is ready and a voice inside you said “don’t do it”? It is never too late to think twice and change direction to a plan B… Well, I decided not to go to Houston at least for now… and I am happy that I listened to than inner voice.

Time for Change

I have my blog on hold… I decided that it was time to take a break from the internet and my “show up” on Facebook and Twitter is random too, but always keeping an eye on what my friends are up to : )

This time off is being a great thing. Lots of pages filled with thoughts on notebooks (oh, I Love notebooks!) and refocusing my “what’s next”?

I will be back to my blog soon. If there is some one out there reading : ) hold on tight! Until the next… be happy.


Year of the Dragon 2012. Good Luck and Fortune.

Happy Year of the Dragon 2012! The Chinese New Year starts today and it is a year of luck and good fortune. It is the most important Holiday in the Chinese traditions.

Year of the Dragon 2012

Many people around the world and from many countries join this celebration with festivals, music and food expecting what the new year will bring. The Dragon is a symbol of good fortune and power, a divine beast.

Chinese Dragons

I found an interesting video from National Geographic describing all the festivities (the video is not from 2012 but the traditions remain).

Are you planning to celebrate it? Going to an event? Click here for a list of places
in the US where you can celebrate (By Harriet Baskas,

And if you feel like cooking, try these delicious recipes from Food Network

Enjoy! and Happy Year of the Dragon.